I'm a qualified teacher. In between my M.Phil and my Ph.D., I completed the UK's Teach First programme, earning a PGCE and working full-time for two years at The Quest Academy in Croydon. Officially, I taught Citizenship and Religious Studies. Unofficially, the former classes were largely political philosophy, and the latter were largely a mix of metaphysics and ethics. As a Teach First teacher, I had 25 classes (approx. 500 students) and 15 pastoral tutees. I am used to working with students in challenging personal circumstances; many of my students at Quest had unstable home lives, and many were refugees or asylum seekers. I specialized in positive behavior management, in differentiation, in teaching students who are learning English as an additional language, and in "Assessment for Learning" (AfL).

I continue to use the skills and techniques that I developed during my time as a secondary school teacher in my undergraduate and graduate teaching, and I sometimes do things to try to encourage my peers and colleagues to draw on pedagogical research in their curriculum planning and class preparation. Here are resources from those things:

  • A PowerPoint that I made of templates for “active learning” activities suitable for use in the undergraduate philosophy classroom.

  • The booklet from a workshop on inclusive pedagogy that I ran at NYU and Rutgers last year.

  • The booklet from an interactive presentation on backwards planning and integrated course design that I delivered at the Eastern APA 2018.

  • The booklet from an interactive presentation on assessment for learning that I delivered at the Central APA 2017.


I co-founded the Michigan High School Ethics Bowl in 2013, and co-organized it until I left Michigan in 2018, working in partnership with local community organization A2Ethics and with thirteen schools across Michigan to provide after-school Philosophy classes and to organize three annual events. Lots more info on the Bowl can be found on my Service page.


I've been:

  • Instructor for Ethics: Selected Topics, The Nature of Values, and the Advanced Seminar at NYU

  • Instructor for Phil 181 (Is Morality Objective?) at the University of Michigan

  • Discussion Section Leader for Phil 361 (Ethics), Phil 160 (Introductory Logic), Phil 303 (Intermediate Logic), and Phil 232 (Philosophical Problems) at the University of Michigan

  • Supervisor and Grader for Part Ia Logic at the University of Cambridge

"Is Morality Objective?" is an intro Metaethics course of my own design. Here's the syllabus, and here's the PowerPoint for the first session. I'm very happy to share more teaching materials for all of the above – just shoot me an email.

I recently designed a syllabus for a service learning course affiliated with Ethics Bowl, in which undergraduate students spend some time studying ethical theory and some time studying pedagogy, and then go and coach high schoolers. Here's that syllabus.

Here are some more sample syllabi: for an intro logic course, for an upper-level course on moral motivation, and for an upper-level course on legal epistemology.