I am the Chair of the APA's inaugural Graduate Student Council. Our job is to report to the APA's board of officers on matters of interest or concern to graduate students in Philosophy. My term on the Council begins on July 1 2017 and continues until June 2019, with my term as Chair ending in June 2018.

The GSC has a lot of great initiatives in the works, which I'll post about here as soon as they stop being confidential. For now, I strongly encourage everyone to read and comment on the APA's new Good Practices Guide! We are planning some joint "listening sessions", for everyone to comment on the GPG and for grad students to discuss key issues and report important things about their experiences in grad school to GSC members, at the APA's divisional meetings next year. Watch this space for more info on that.


I co-founded the Michigan High School Ethics Bowl in 2013, and have been co-organizing it ever since. We (the UM Philosophy department graduate students) work with local community organization A2Ethics and with 15 high schools across Michigan to arrange out-of-school Philosophy coaching sessions delivered by UM graduate students and professional philosophers from other HE institutions. We also organize three annual events: the Kickoff, the Bowl, and the Symposium. In the 2014-15 academic year we were awarded an $8,000 grant by UM's Arts of Citizenship program, now renamed the Rackham Program in Public Scholarship.

Here's a promotional video we made about the Ethics Bowl back in 2015.

Here are me and the formidable Jeanine DeLay, President of A2Ethics,on Michigan Radio talking about the Bowl.

Here's an edu-taining instructional video for Ethics Bowl judges made by the UM Outreach team in Summer 2016.

One thing that makes the Michigan Bowl unlike others is that all our case studies are written by local people about hard moral or political questions that they or people they know have encountered in their daily lives. The 2017-18 cases can be found here. They are great and well worth a look!

I have a set of coaching materials that I made for the UM Bowl, and that everyone else running Ethics Bowls worldwide is welcome to use. Email me and I'll send it to you!


I served as a Graduate Assistant during PIKSI Rock 2016. This involved attending classes and running advice sessions for sixteen students who are members of groups historically under-represented in academic Philosophy, and leading a small-group discussion section, writing and grading assignments, and offering writing tips and general mentoring for four of these students. I am lucky enough to now be the mentor of four amazing PIKSI alumni who are on the cusp of stellar careers in Philosophy and beyond – I'm sure that I will be bragging about them here soon enough! :)


I've done a few other service things. Details are on my CV.